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Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

This time of the year is usually a time to be with family, go shopping, and caroling. It’s a time when many of us honor our Christmas tradition of attending a Christmas Eve church service.

This year, due to COVID-19, many – if not all, of these special activities will be hampered or even canceled. How could God take away the specialness of this Holy Season – the birth of Jesus?

During this challenging holiday time, many of us are lonely, depressed, overwhelmed, and we may doubt our faith. “Is there really a Messiah?” we question. “Is it Jesus?” “Am I truly a believer in Jesus Christ, my savior?” These dark thoughts may even prevent us from celebrating the critical importance of the true meaning of Christmas! 

Jesus – the Messiah, was sent to save mankind. How sad for those who may give up on him, doubting hope for today and eternity.

John the Baptist is an important person in the Bible. He played a key role in the Christian religion. To summarize:  He was the forerunner to Jesus. John and Jesus were cousins. John loved Jesus! With reluctance, he baptized Jesus, because he felt unworthy to baptize The Messiah. God’s mission for John was very specific; to baptize people if they repent their sins

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John explain the life of John the Baptist including his imprisonment and ultimate beheading. While in prison, he was confused and began to doubt Jesus. He thought; Why am I in prison if I am a forerunner to Jesus? He had to be convinced by the disciples that Jesus was – indeed, The Messiah!  They had witnessed many miracles performed by Jesus and he told them to share this great news with John. (Read Luke 7 20-23)

John’s circumstances caused his doubt. The same can be true for you and me, especially when things aren’t going our way. This is a normal process for struggling human beings.

Doubt has happened to me several times in my life. Recently, I had major surgery and I expected it to go well without any complications. That didn’t happen! I’m fine now, but during my hospital stay doubt hovered over me. My prayers were constant, yet I was scared and uncertain about my healing and recovery. 

Life happens in God’s time and in his way.  Our job is to never stop believing and to pray about everything that matters to us. He will hear and answer our prayers – even if the answer is not what we expected. He will provide hope, peace, love and joy.

My prayer during this Holy Christmas Season is that you’ll talk to Jesus. He will listen to your prayers. 

My love to you and your family during Christmastime. 

Merry Christmas!