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WOW! What a wonderful book Dr. Wolf has written. God used his tragedy to overcome the darkest days of his life!

~ Amazon Review

On a summer day in 2001, under clear blue skies, accomplished OB/GYN physician David Wolf indulged in his passionate hobby, adult go-kart racing. But in order to avoid hitting other karts, David swerved his go-kart and slammed into a concrete retaining wall. Within minutes an ambulance rushed him to the nearest hospital.

So began an adventure in God’s power to transform lives, as David discovered divine grace to overcome adversity and began finding opportunities to reach out to others. David’s inspiring story reveals the influence of prayer and the dramatic significance of support from friends and loved ones. In tragic circumstances, David found assurance of God’s sovereign care and hope for a life that makes a difference.

His accident changed his life – forever. New circumstances could have left him hopeless, but it didn’t. 

Read, The Gift Is You, or schedule Dr. David L. Wolf to speak and learn how his faith in God, the gift of prayer, and the encouragement of family and friends were deciding factors that allowed him to receive grace and hope for a meaningful future.