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Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

I hope all of you are healthy and safe! I want to share a few words with you as a physician, friend, and Christian.

The COVID-19 virus is scary for all of us. No one in the world has antibodies against this virus. There’s no vaccine and minimal medications that can treat this infection. That is why it’s so serious.

As a physician, my recommendation is that you follow the CDC guidelines: wash your hands frequently and stay home, unless you find it necessary to be out of your home. In that case, remain at least 6 feet from another person. For those of you in a high-risk category, be very very careful!

As a friend, I urge you to think of those who may need your help. Many individuals and businesses are dealing with financial hardship. If you can – please help them!

Congress is on the verge of passing a bill that will give many Americans $1000 to help with their financial obligations. If possible, decide to use the money – or some of it, to help others.

Help those who are considered high risk. You may be able to get their groceries so they can stay at home to help them decrease their chance of getting COVID-19. By helping others it will help you focus on others – as well as yourself.

As a Christian, I want you to know that God’s grace and his love is sufficient for all of us – all the time! This was true for Job, the apostle Paul and for me after my go-kart racing accident. His Grace and Love are for you too.

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In my book, The Gift Is You, these words may help:

“I have learned that God is no less God when adversity changes our plans. Nothing catches Him by surprise. We can only discover this truly by allowing Jesus to walk by our side through all the good and bad days of our lives”

God knows the trauma you may be going through. Your problems make him sad. He wants to hold your hand and reassure you that he is with you and that he is your ever-present help. Please let him into your life. Let go of your worries and know that he will carry your burdens. I know this is true because at one point after my accident, I thought I had lost everything; my identity, my dignity, and my legs. Yet, I did not lose Jesus. Nothing could take him away from me! His love for me and mine for him grew even stronger during my time of severe tragedy!

I care about all of you. Stay safe!



“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him.” Revelation 3:20