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1. 4. 900. 6,000. 20,000.  What do these numbers mean? Why do they matter?


July 29, 2001, was the day I had a tragic go-kart racing accident that changed my life forever, and a day that began a new journey and purpose for me. It was the beginning of a story that resulted in my book, The Gift Is You. Thirteen years later – to the day, (July 29, 2014) The Gift Is You was launched and became a top 100 Amazon book. I celebrate today because, in the last four (4) years, over six thousand (6,000) copies of this one (1) book have been purchased. Through book signing events and speaking engagements, I’ve been able to reach over nine hundred (900) people yearly. I’ve given all proceeds, twenty-thousand dollars ($20,000) to be exact, to the nonprofit organizations that I support. $10,000 went to Laban Ministries International and $10,000.00 went to the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.

Through this journey, our God has blessed me with occasions to teach others about hope, faith, and the importance of prayer during times of change and adversity.  I’ve spoken to hundreds of people in a Florida retirement center and had an intimate talk with patients at the Rehabilitation Center of Michigan. One of my speaking engagements influenced a young amputee mother to get out of the house and be strong for her children. My story inspired people to be baptized and motivated a new paraplegic through his initial physical therapy sessions. A Wyandotte City Council Women wanted to do something special for me. At a dinner, speaking and book signing event, she introduced me and then she asked everybody at each table to talk about a memory of me. I heard incredible stories from those dear people. The Gift Is You has been given as a signed, personalized gift and it was even included in a casket at a funeral for a friend’s loved one. These memorable moments bring tears to my eyes, a smile on my face and shines the light of the Holy Spirit a little brighter each time.

I never imagined how writing a book could impact my life and create numbers that really matter!  I’m humbled by the ongoing support I receive every time attention is given to The Gift Is You. Who knew that a paralyzing accident would lead to a book with a story that glorifies God and influences so many people!


I am grateful for those of you my book has touched. What these numbers, 1. 4. 900. 6,000. 20,000, truly reveal are how one (1) person can make a difference, in four (4) years, touch over nine hundred (900) people yearly, sell six thousand (6,000) books and be able to donate twenty thousand dollars ($20,000)… all to glorify the ultimate One (1), our God!


Thank you for celebrating The Gift Is You (4) year anniversary with me and for being a vital part of this continued journey. I am looking forward to seeing what the future has in store!

Love always,