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Memorial Day is almost here and, with it, comes a host of traditions, activities, and celebrations. For some, it’s a day off work – a day to be with family, enjoy a picnic and relax. For others, it’s the signal to open the lake house or take the boat out of storage. You’ll be attending parades. You’ll be shopping for bargains. You’ll be going to concerts.

But we must never forget the purpose and meaning of Memorial Day – to remember those brave men and women who died while serving in our country’s armed forces.

The Price of Freedom

Though most of us take it for granted, freedom is never free. Thousands of Americans have given their lives throughout the years so you and I can enjoy all the privileges of freedom, so we can have that picnic, take out that boat and enjoy that concert.

With God such a constant, driving force in my life, my mind drifts, also, to our country’s freedom of religion. Our forefathers felt this particular freedom was so important, they wrote it into the Constitution. Sadly – unbelievably – Christians around the world continue to be killed solely because they believe in God. We need to remember these men and women on this day, as well – and pray for them.

My Prayer for You

With all this talk of freedom, however, we sometimes lose sight of individual stories, the many thousands of families affected by the death of loved ones who have so selflessly served their country. Wesley Bauguess is an Army veteran and, as of about ten years ago, a widow. You can read a small part of her heartbreaking – and uplifting – story here. (

As Mrs. Bauguess has, and as I have, my prayer for this Memorial Day is that you will turn your hearts to God. While enjoying your Memorial Day celebrations, I pray you think of Him. While visiting the graves of loved ones, I pray you think of Him. While enjoying all your precious freedoms, I pray you think of Him.

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And I pray you thank Him.

For God, too, has made the ultimate sacrifice. His son, Jesus, died for us. And so have all his beautiful children who have served and given their all.

Have a safe and blessed holiday.

— David