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Is it a coincidence that we celebrate the Easter holiday at the beginning of springtime, or is it a reiteration of God’s unconditional love? Both of these occurrences serve as reminders that renewal is a powerful and wonderful concept in our lives.

Every year (in most climates), we see the end of a cold winter with the blossoming of springtime. Beautiful plants and trees begin to bloom, as the nature that God created is renewed with life.

And every Easter, we re-learn that through the gift of atonement, we can refresh our spirits. In His wisdom, God gave us the capacity for spiritual renewal. When we live in a Christ-like manner, our tired and damaged souls can become renewed and rejuvenated

Accepting who we are and overcoming obstacles

We all sin — it’s part of being human. But accepting that we commit sins and must atone for them is truly one of the most important lessons we learn as Christians. It’s only through acceptance and atonement that we can experience the renewal and rejuvenation of our souls

Of course, there are obstacles and adversity that we all undergo — from a single bad day to a life-changing tragedy. But what’s most important on life’s journey is how we respond to and overcome these obstacles.

[My longtime friends and readers know this, but my own journey has been one of the unique challenges and renewed faith. You can read about this in my book, The Gift is You.

Living a good life, inspired by hope

Truly, by following the Word of God and atoning, we can rediscover all the great and wonderful things that make life worth living and find ourselves renewed and full of hope.

Jesus’ resurrection is one of the stories that truly is inspiring, having suffered and died for our sins — but then returning to life with the promise of new hope.

That promise of hope and rejuvenation — exemplified in both Easter and springtime — can be so powerful as to remind us to cherish life, our loved ones, and all the blessings we have to be grateful for.

I will pray for all of you to have a Happy Easter full of hope and renewal!

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Have you been renewed by atonement? What gives you hope? Who gives you hope? Feel free to share in the Comments below!