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Life altering events occur in everyone’s lives. Many of them are planned and expected. Yet some happen that we don’t expect.

On July 29, 2001, my life changed – drastically and unexpectedly. I was in a tragic go-kart racing accident that left me permanently paralyzed from the waist down. In a split second, my life–as I knew it, changed forever.

The bright side of this story is that living in a wheelchair has given me great opportunities to serve God in new ways.

I’ve been able to share my testimony with people individually and in groups. I’m a living example of the power faith, hope, and prayer can bring to a person’s life – even when the odds are stacked against them.

Plus, sharing my story led to a seven year fruitful journey to write and publish The Gift Is You. The book launched on July 29, 2014 – exactly thirteen years after my accident!

Holiday Special

I’ve listened for two years, with overwhelming gratitude, to people who have shared their stories after reading my book. It’s a gift I never expected as the journey continues.




One woman came up to me at the Trenton Summer Festival in Michigan, where I had a booth to sell and sign copies of the book. She gave me a hundred dollar bill to pay for a book. When I started to give her change, she refused to take the money.

“I was your patient many years ago, Dr. Wolf,” she said. “You met with me on a Friday evening for an hour, even though you had a waiting room full of patients. My life was falling apart at the time. You reminded me of God’s power during our toughest times. When I went home   that night, I accepted Christ into my life. Thank you for helping to change my life when I needed it most.”

My eyes filled with tears as she spoke.

“Please accept this money for the charities you support with this book,” she insisted.

I was humbled and stunned.

Another time hit me by surprise when I received a communication from a dear friend and fellow OB/GYN physician.

Hi David,

I’ve been meaning to write you for a couple of weeks. Connie came by the office and brought me the signed copy of your book. I want to thank you very much for the book. It meant a lot to have both of you sign it. I finished it in a couple of days. Your story is amazing! It was such a God send.

I recently was “reborn” in Christ. I had been an atheist for years and always thought people used religion as a crutch. I thought I didn’t need a crutch and didn’t want to show weakness no matter what I was going through. Since my divorce 3 years ago, I’ve needed help. Things got really bad last year. Then a friend started talking to me about God and Jesus and I was ready to listen.

I feel so blessed to know you and what all you’ve gone through. I’m so happy to know that you have an intimate relationship with God and hope that someday I will feel the Holy Spirit as you do.

I pray at least twice a day now and before every surgery I perform. I am very thankful for the peace that I have started feeling at the end of every day.

Have a blessed day. C


My life could have been very dark without his amazing purpose to use my story for encouraging others during their life challenges.

I’ve witnessed a wonderful ripple effect the past two years as people have shared their stories after reading The Gift Is You. How awesome it is to know there are miracles in the way he does things.

His purpose. His way!