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Tick tock! Every second of every day, time marches on — whether or not you’re having a wonderful time. But if we learn to enjoy every day that God gives us — to cherish the time we’re given, to appreciate our loved ones, and to give thanks for life’s blessings — then we can truly celebrate life.

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Don’t wish life away — and don’t wait.
Did you “survive” another Monday? Were you the first person on Wednesday to note that “it’s Hump Day” to your co-workers? Was “TGIF” your mantra on Friday?

That’s no way to be — you’re wishing life away. Just “surviving” isn’t what God wants for us.

And so many of us say things like “I can’t wait for retirement. Then I’ll have all the time in the world!”

You do have time right now. It’s just a matter of focusing on the daily moments that you can celebrate.

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Take time to enjoy life — especially “the little things.”
We’ve all heard that “it’s the simple things in life” that matter the most. So make sure to give yourself a pat on the back (real or not!) after your daily exercise, or when you finish that work project on time, or even when you’re done with the laundry.

Set aside time to celebrate with your friends and loved ones. Of course, many people choose Sunday as their day for worship, family time and relaxation. But you don’t have to limit yourself to one day — any day is a good day for a family meal, or a fun activity with your children or grandchildren.

And give yourself some time, too. Take a break and have some “me time” with an activity like:

  • Reading a book (or The Gift Is You)
  • Taking a peaceful walk
  • Doing some yoga exercises
  • Playing your favorite smartphone game/app
  • Browsing a favorite store
  • Or trying a new recipe (or cooking in the first place!)
  • Watching the sunrise

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Don’t wait to celebrate!
So many times, we put off life’s little joys — waiting for the weekend, or the project to be done, or that planned vacation in a few months, or even retirement.

But the sooner you decide to “just do it” (to borrow a pretty well-known slogan) — and start celebrating the little things, your big picture will begin to look brighter. All those little celebrations will add up to a happier life.

In closing, here are four quick tips for celebrating life right now:

  • Start every day with a smile. (And give thanks to God for another day!)
  • Reflect on the positive things in your life.
  • Tell that special person that you love them.
  • Celebrate the everyday things that you might take for granted.