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Easter is one of our favorite holidays. It’s a time to reflect on the past and think about the memories, traditions, and God’s blessings that are associated with this important time of year.

We celebrate Easter in many ways. For some people it’s a time for hiding Easter baskets and colorful Easter eggs filled with candy, for the children we love. Parents take their kids to see the Easter Bunny, so special pictures can be taken with him. We show off our favorite spring fashions. Families gather for delicious food. And churches are over-crowded with people who are rarely seen there during other times of the year.

So what does Easter mean to you? Does it signify spring has arrived or is just around the corner? Spring gives us hope for warmer days, bursting with sunshine, fragrant flowers, and songbirds.

To me, Easter is the reminder of new life. When I see the empty cross, I am reminded that God sacrificed His only son, so you and I could be forgiven of our sins. He promised us there is hope for our earthly lives and hope for the future in eternity.

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The empty cross is paramount to the Christian faith. It is the symbol of life, peace, and hope – promised by God, to those who believe in the resurrection of his son, Christ Jesus. We are all children of God – if we choose to believe in him.

During this Holy Week, think about the empty cross and its meaning. Jesus suffered, died, and rose from the dead. He paid the price for our salvation. His new life in Heaven is where we will be some day – if we trust, and follow him today.

Will you be ready for him when he returns to Earth (as promised in the Bible)? He is knocking at your door. Will you let him in?

My hope, during this glorious Easter time, is that your heart will be open to his promise of the empty cross. When you enter the church of your choice during this holiest of weeks, honor and praise him by remembering the ultimate sacrifice he made through Christ, our savior.

Because of Easter, there is hope for you and me!

Happy Easter!