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After The Gift Is You was published on July 29, 2014, Sales, Marketing, and Promotion became my focus. This new component of the book writing world opened up for me with excitement and unexpected joy. I must admit – there’s been some anxiety too.

Book signing events have become a huge part of this process and have contributed greatly to the book’s success. I don’t know about you, but I had never been to a book signing event until I authored a book! It was – and continues to be, an emotional experience for me.

As I began this new part of my journey, special memories surfaced about times someone had signed a book for me. A few years ago, for my birthday, I received a book signed by President George W. Bush The Faith of George W. Bush by Stephen Mansfield. Another time I received the last edition of Williams Obstetrics that was authored by Norman Gant, M. D. Above his signature he wrote “David, I hope this will be easier for you to read than it was for me to write”. Little did I know at the time, that I’d write a book and have an opportunity to sign it for others.

My mind whirled as I began to think about what I’d write when I signed my book. I asked God to help find the best words to express. He did!

“Remember you are special. Your life can make a difference.
With Jesus there is Hope!”

Other details about book sales and signings had to be made. I decided to create a book table at all my book presentations and other places given to me for promoting The Gift Is You. The table had to look perfect. It always includes a display of my hardcover books. (Twenty dollars cash, check or credit card sales have made it easy for people to buy the book.) The type of pen and ink color used for signing has been equally important. After careful thought, I decided to use a Uni-Ball fine point pen with dark blue ink. A sign with my solid commitment to give all net profits to Laban Ministries and Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, is always present. (That includes all online sales of audio, soft cover, and digital book sales.)


Every book signing event is special to me. Many people have waited patiently in line to get their signed copy of the book and have surprised me by sharing a few words of their own;

I want a copy to give to my Mother
who is dying of breast cancer.

I can’t wait to read your book, Dr. Wolf. My best friend
said it was one of the best books she has read.

I have a friend that is paralyzed. I hope your
book will put a twinkle in his eyes too.

Dr. Wolf, it is so nice to see you. I was a
patient of yours many years ago.

These words and others have brought tears to my eyes. I can only think of a few events in my life that have made me feel so proud, yet humbled at the same time.

Remember when I was trying to stay alive in neuro ICU at St. Vincent Hospital in Toledo? God spoke to me then, while I was unconscious. He told me that my new life would be used to honor Him. I always think about his words following my book signings. I am grateful to glorify his name through The Gift Is You and be given the privilege to make a difference for him – and others.