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Easter is the most significant of all the Christian holidays. Jesus led a pure life and then he died on the cross for you and me. God gave us His only son, so you and I would be saved from our sins and have a blessed life on Earth and eternal life!

People have many different attitudes. Some say, “All Things Are Possible.” Others say, “I can do anything if I just set my mind to it.” Yet there are people who say, “I can’t do it.” Why is there such a difference in attitude? I have often wondered about the answer to this difficult question.

Let me give you a few examples. First, the Navy Seals. A few outstanding young men believe they can become a Seal. All are motivated to be Seals. Their hopes high, yet only about 30% graduate.

The second example is about baseball. A few years ago I was attending a Detroit Tigers game. The Tigers were playing the Kansas City Royals. We had excellent seats. The guy in front of me knew all of the Kansas City players. In talking with him he told me that his three sons were All American baseball players in college. Then he pointed out his son on the field. “He was the number one draft pick a few years ago,” he said proudly. “All three of my sons are outstanding ball players, but this one was most motivated to make it to the top.”

My third example is about me. The first morning after waking up in the rehab hospital, following my accident, I noticed a wheelchair beside my bed. It was about 5:00 AM. At first, I thought I was dreaming. Why is there a wheelchair here? Who does it belong to? Unfortunately, I realized I was not dreaming. The chair was mine! The wheelchair was going to be my legs for the rest of my life.

To be honest with you, having to accept being in a wheelchair was very difficult for me. Whenever I’ve wanted something all I had to do was set my mind to it and work hard. I knew that with a positive attitude and motivation – all things were possible. I soon realized that no matter how hard I tried, I was never going to walk again. The wheelchair was going to be my transportation.

What I know is that a positive attitude, motivation, and hard work is only part of the success equation. Trust in Jesus is the greatest element in your calculation for believing all things are possible.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that His plan and purpose for our life may not be what we worked for or imagined. Yet, the possibilities for a wonderful and meaningful life are highly probable with Jesus walking by your side. The Bible tells us this truth.

Saul was on the road to Damascus as a non-believer. God tapped him on the shoulder and for the rest of his life, through some of the most gruesome tragedies, he told the Gentiles about Jesus. He never gave up, never stopped his mission, and never asked why. God’s grace saw him through.

Job’s story was unimaginable. He was stripped of his land, his wealth, and his family. Did he give up? No! He continued believing in God and following Jesus.

I went from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the valley in a matter of seconds. I lost my legs, yet gained more
than I ever thought possible because of Him.

The truth is – I don’t think all things are possible in the worldly sense. But I do know that All Things Are Possible – With Jesus. No matter what the circumstance, tragedy or misfortune – there is Hope because of the cross.

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My friends, this Easter I want you to look at the empty cross and remember: God sacrificed His one and only son for you and for me. With Jesus – All Things Are Possible.

I hope you’re a believer. I am!

Happy Easter.