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Dear friends and loved ones:

It is almost Christmas. The weather is getting colder here in Michigan. The Christmas trees are up and all the decorations are so beautiful. The Christmas songs are being played. These songs always bring back so many memories.

This is the season of Hope. A little boy was born in Bethlehem and we call Him Jesus. He lived a pure life—one of Hope and Prayer. God sent that child to this world so we would know Him through His son Jesus. It is so sad that many still do not know who He is.

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I have often wondered what it would be like to live without Hope. No Hope for today, tomorrow or eternity. What would it be like to hear you have cancer—but there is no Hope? What would it be like to hear that one of your children has been killed in an accident and not know where they are going? I simply can’t imagine.

For the world, the Christmas season brings Hope to all. It seems like even to those who do not believe, Christmas brings a special feeling of peace and love. When I was growing up there was always a 24-hour cease-fire on Christmas Day in the Vietnam War. What a powerful statement.

Some of the questions I am asked most during my book presentation are: Why do I have so much Hope and others don’t? Why do I have so much of God’s Grace and they don’t? They want to know why my walk is closer to God than theirs is. These are very real questions and many times the eyes of the inquirer are filled with tears. It appears they are looking to me for Hope.

I am sure I don’t know all the answers. However, I believe that Jesus was born on Christmas Day so we all would have the opportunity of knowing God. Some people are not sure the Christmas story is real. They know there is a Jesus but they can’t reach far enough to take hold of His hand. They can’t believe that God will give them all the Grace they need in their time of tragedy. So my simple answer to their question—you just need to Believe. You need to know that He is walking by your side all of the time. He wants to be a part of your life. You need to let Him in.

Christmas is special for all the traditions that we have. But it is so much more than those traditions. It’s about the little boy Mary held in her arms in Bethlehem. It is my Hope that this Christmas will be the Christmas that you reach out to Him and never let Him go. He is the meaning of life.

Merry Christmas!!

Dr. David L. Wolf