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Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

As most of you know, after seven years of writing, The Gift Is You was published on July 29, 2014 – exactly thirteen years after my tragic go-kart racing accident.

Many rewarding opportunities have occurred since the book launch. I’ve been invited to do speaking engagements and book signings. Most importantly, people have either commented or written to me about how The Gift Is You has touched their hearts.


I would like to share a few of these stories with you.

Don Wells wrote:
It is difficult to express the benefits I have received from reading Dr. Wolf’s book, The Gift Is You. The struggles I have had battling the symptoms of Parkinsons disease are inconsequential compared to the challenges Dr. Wolf has endured and overcome. Reading his story has reinforced my belief in God’s power and grace.

Lisa Fowler Williams wrote:


Life has dealt me some really tough times. My right leg was amputated from the knee down due to an infection that did not heal. As a result, I became seriously depressed and crippled with anxiety. I wondered how I was going to adapt. To make it worse, I lost my stepdad in January 2014. The final blow came shortly after his death when my husband divorced me. Being a mother of four teenagers and young adult kids, I had to overcome the obstacles in front of me.

I’ve always tried to keep a positive attitude, but I needed more than that to improve my shattered life. After being told about The Gift Is You, I read it and started following the book’s website and Dr. Wolf’s blog messages and Facebook page. Over and over again, I was reminded about the importance of pressing on and allowing God to help me make wise choices.

After meeting Dr. Wolf at his book launch, I realized that I at least had one good leg and that there was hope for a near normal life with a prosthetic leg I’d soon receive. Unlike Dr. Wolf, I’d be able to walk again!

Then I realized that Dr. Wolf’s faith filled story of hope and encouragement is just what I needed. It brought me closer to God and has given me an opportunity to show the world that I too can make a difference with Jesus in my heart.

Recently I received an email from a good friend. He shared how The Gift Is You has made a powerful impact on his friends:

Annie was diagnosed with colon cancer and had surgery to remove 15 inches of her cancerous colon. In February, she had a seizure and was rushed to the emergency room. She had a brain tumor, related to the colon cancer and had surgery two days later to remove the tumor.

I sent the advance notice of your book to Annie. She purchased a paperback copy from Amazon and told me how much it meant to her during her very difficult time. You should know that Annie had an issue with one of her eyes and was unable to read for a long time. Your book was the first book she has read since her surgery.

I purchased a hardbound copy of the book for her at your book launch and had you sign it. Annie was thrilled to receive it. Tearfully, she told me that she had purchased three of your books to give to others, since it meant so much to her and was so powerful and helpful in her time of tragedy.

He continued…

Annie told me that she has a neighbor who had been very attentive to her during her difficult journey. Annie gave the neighbor a copy of The Gift Is You as a thank you and as a way to encourage her during her own struggles. The only stipulation was to pass it on to others who could benefit from the message of hope and encouragement.

Annie and her neighbor talked recently. The neighbor was crying and said that she could not pass on the book. She wanted to keep it, but planned to buy copies for her friends. According to Annie, the giving and receiving of God’s love through this book is making a difference to her – and her friends!

He concluded…

Additionally, my friend, Jim, bought The Gift Is You after receiving the launch information I sent to him last summer. He found the book to be very soothing and powerful in the midst of his hectic summer; running a business, remodeling his home, selling it, moving, and – helping plan a wedding.

During this Thanksgiving season, I – once again, thank God for allowing me to honor Him through my story. Your reflections and comments are evidence that He is being glorified through The Gift Is You. Your stories and emails are a blessing to me.

Please accept my gratitude for keeping this book alive. You are making a difference!

May you have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!