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Dear friends:

The weather is turning cooler at night and the fall colors are almost gone. We changed our clocks. Winter will be here before you know it.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. What a special holiday it is. To most, there is no controversy about this holiday. It is a holiday where we celebrate the pilgrims coming to a new land looking for peace, happiness and prosperity. It is a holiday when we eat turkey and enjoy shopping and watching football games.

I however would like to share with you a much deeper meaning that so many of us know but have forgotten. That is thanking God for all He has done for America and for all of us.

It used to be that Thanksgiving was a day we all went home to be with our grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters—when the family was important. We would love and support each other. We would pray before the special meal that grandmother and mother prepared. No matter how difficult, families would be together on this day. Today the family unit does not seem as important.

Today so many families have no father or husband. Today marriage is not as important. It is a commitment many don’t believe is worth taking or working at. What used to be a foundation for all of us is gradually slipping away. Why is this happening? Why are mother and father not important and an integral part of our life? Why isn’t it special talking to our grandparents about the past and gaining wisdom from their life experiences?

Without the family unit no one takes us to church, no one shows us the importance of prayer, no one explains the difference between right and wrong, and no one reads to us and helps with our homework.

Some would say America is in trouble. It is not the America it used to be. In many ways they are correct. But why is this happening? Our founding fathers believed that God was important. Almost all our official documents, our money, the federal building had a reference to God on them. This is not true today. Americans are trying to take God out of America. Isn’t it strange that our founders worked so hard to put God in America?

We have so much to be thankful for. Yet, people are bullying each other and killing each other. Because the family unit is not important the only thing that is important is ME. Nobody cares about their neighbors—just themselves. Don’t you think it is because there is no family unit and people act as if God is not important? There is nobody to turn to for help. There is no mother and father to hold you when you are hurting. There is nobody to help you get down on your knees to pray when you are in trouble. The belief is that the only person who can solve your problem is ME. It is all about ME.

My prayer for this Thanksgiving is that your family and God will be a part of this special day. Be home with mother and father. Pray before the Thanksgiving meal. Don’t go “out to eat.” Home is where this day begins.

Please think about my words. They may not pertain to all but they do pertain to many.

There is HOPE for all because of Jesus.

Happy Thanksgiving!!