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Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

I want to wish each of you a very Happy Easter! 

The significance of Easter is a reminder that God gave his one and only son, Jesus, as the forgiveness of sins for all mankind.

Easter is a culmination of Jesus’ life on Earth.  It started with the miracle of his humble birth in Bethlehem and ended with his gruesome death, near Jerusalem, on a wooden cross. And, most importantly – his resurrection!

Jesus appeared to be an ordinary man. He led a simple life. (That was important to God.)  He was born among animals in a manger. He was a carpenter. He wasn’t a man of status and he had no wealth or formal education.  But, Jesus’ life revealed much more.

He drew many followers during his short time on Earth. His disciples were his first followers. People witnessed many miracles that he performed. They loved his teachings about God’s expectations. They believed he was the Messiah – their Savior from sin, and the only way to have eternal life in Heaven!

God’s promises – through Jesus’ life, demonstrated unconditional love, forgiveness of sin, and hope for all who believed in him and followed him in their day-to-day life. Very importantly, Jesus’ example showed the importance of serving others to honor and glorify God.

What God did not promise is a life without challenges, trials or tragedies. Stories in the Bible about Paul, Job, and others are examples of this truth. Yet, if you believe in God and have a relationship with Jesus, his Grace and Mercy will always be enough to get you through life’s difficulties.

Recently I read a book titled, Saved, by Benjamin Hall. He is a Fox News reporter that almost died reporting on the war in Ukraine.  It’s a special book about how he made it through his near-death tragedy with the help of God. I think you’d enjoy reading it also.

The story about Jesus’ life is not just about yesterday. It is about God’s words reminding us that he loves us and wants to hold our hand as we make our way through this life to Heaven.

We just need to believe!

Happy Easter

Dr. David Wolf