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While “National Read a Book Day” isn’t the most well-known of national holidays, and gets shadowed by Labor Day, I believe it’s a rather important one — and I’m inviting you to celebrate it with me, on September 6, 2016!


Our mind and body can benefit in a variety of ways.

While books are a wonderful (and inexpensive) way to take a break, escape from our everyday problems and reduce stress, there are many additional benefits.

Reading can help improve our memory and concentration. And older adults who read show a slower cognitive decline, while they’re also likely to participate in more mentally stimulating activities.

Reading a book can change your life.

Of course, when I say a “good book,” I meant any work of literature. But for me, the most important book is — of course — the Bible. It’s the ultimate “Good Book!”

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I do want to say that there are many wonderful books available that complement our study of Scripture and help us in our walk with Christ. Bible studies, devotional literature and commentaries can help us all deepen our understanding of Scripture.

They’re helpful for everyday living.

Not every book can be as important and fulfilling as the “Good Book”. But in our daily lives, there are many books that are helpful for practical things in life.

Whether you want to read up on car repair, a biography of an inspiring leader, business or career help, or one of a million other topics, there are plenty of books out there for you.

Let’s celebrate September 6th and promote reading together!

I celebrate my life every day (not just on the 6th of September), and I praise God for the people whose lives were impacted by my book —The Gift Is You. Throughout my life, I’ve bought books and have given them as gifts. I have donated many of my books to people, and have given The Gift Is You proceeds to charities I support.

Please consider buying The Gift Is You (or any book) as a gift for you or someone else, and help encourage others to celebrate “National Read a Book Day” and support literacy. holidaySpecial_BANNERart_sm

Whatever you choose to read on September 6, I encourage you to read as much as you can — and seek out books that can change your life.

Happy reading!