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Book Endorsements

“Because of David Wolf ’s wonderful book, The Gift Is You, I understand what I need in order to walk with Christ when my own body fails me. Lacking strength, I must rely upon the Lord. I related not only to Dr. Wolf ‘s tragedy but also to his triumph, giving me renewed confidence in the victories that are possible only in Christ.”

������������������������������� Frank Ball
Author of Eyewitness: The Life of Christ Told in One Story

“Read this compelling, hard-to-put-down account of Dr. Wolf ’s circumstances only if you want to be inspired, humbled, and lifted up. With a deep love for God and a passion for God’s people, Dr. Wolf writes about divine peace in the midst of tragedy. If you are discouraged and overwhelmed by the consequences of decisions you’ve made or things you’ve done, or if you enjoy helping others move through their challenges, this book is for you! Let the truths in this story transform your beliefs so you are encouraged. Then be the encouragement someone else needs.”

— Kathy Koch, PhD
President and Founder of Celebrate Kids, Inc.

“Dr. David Wolf ’s story shows the difference God’s presence can make in anything life throws at us, whether the circumstances are of our own making or not. It can change your perspective on whatever you are facing, proving that no disaster needs to define us. God can use anything in your life if you are open to his transforming power.”

— Diane Eble
Author of Abundant Gifts (book and blog) and the Healing Heart Issues blog

“A dramatic true story about a man many can identify with: a people-person with a passion to help others; a short-term missionary serving the poorest of the poor in Haiti; a go-kart racer who knows the adrenaline rush of the roar of the engine. But it is the Dr. David whose faith in God shines brightly when his whole world is changed forever that we come to know best in The Gift Is You. When the unthinkable happens and life is turned upside down, God walks us through to a complete recovery-physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When our legs will no longer carry us, the biggest “step” we can take is to turn all of our struggles over to God. He makes all the difference-and he is still able to use our gifts to glorify him. The Gift Is You is a triumphant story we all need to hear.”

— Elaine Wright Colvin
Founder/Director of WIN India, WIN Communications, and Writers Information Network

“Dr. Wolf shares his profound faith and his commitment to Jesus, so that all who read this book can learn how to overcome the adversities we face in life. The strength he writes about is available to all if we are open to our Lord and Savior. Dr. Wolf ’s story offers us all hope. This is a must-read. Be prepared for a life-changing experience.”

— John E. Bodell
DO, OFS (Secular Order of Franciscans), Associate Dean, Professor of Surgery, A. T. Still University, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

“The power that drives David Wolf permeates every page of his writing. He is a man of many passions and strengths, and this story makes it uncompromisingly clear that they all stem from his love for God and his strength in Jesus Christ as his Savior. This book is not just an engaging read about the life experience of one man. This story draws you into a transparent revelation by a man who sees every difficult time as a process of discovering God’s purposes. David wants his readers to catch the truth that God desires each of us to encourage others and make a lasting impact in this world. In our difficult times, we can shine a light on the paths of those who are struggling in the darkness. This is a must-read for anyone seeking hope and encouragement in God’s provision for the hard times.”

— Jonathan Rohrer, PhD
DMin, Associate Dean of Statewide Campus System, Michigan State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine

“Dr. Wolf ’s remarkable journey in overcoming devastating physical injury to care for those less fortunate is a testament to the human spirit. Just as he’s mentored numerous OB/GYN residents, Dr. Wolf teaches and inspires us about the healing power of faith. With a physician’s discerning eye and a compassionate heart, Dr. Wolf examines the human condition with compelling observation and insight. This book is a prescription for how to find more meaning in life. Ultimately, that’s Dr. Wolf ’s gift to us.”

— P. Charles Rossi, PhD
Marketing and communication consultant

“Dr. Wolf ’s extraordinary personal warmth and his easygoing, articulate style make reading his prose a pleasure. Clearly, faith has carried him through experiences that would severely challenge anyone, and he shares his story in a humble, gentle manner that will benefit people who face tragedy and loss in their own lives. It is a heartfelt, uplifting memoir that eloquently tells a story of transcending grief. As Dr. Wolf ’s physician shortly after his injury, I watched this man undergo his rehabilitation, and it was more than inspiring. He used to cheer up the whole medical team on rounds, instead of vice versa. A rare man and a rare book.”

— Edward C. Nieshoff, MD
Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Wayne State University School of Medicine

“As an osteopathic physician, I have worked with many disabled persons over the years. However, no one has made an impression on me as strong as David Wolf. Less than three months after David’s life changed, he and his wife and his two children attended our biannual meeting in Chicago. When he described his accident and his daily routine to our group, you could have heard a pin drop on the thick carpet. Without a doubt, his courage had an impact on every person in that room. David’s character is a true inspiration to everyone who knows him and anyone who reads about his experiences.”

— John S. Stevens Jr.
D. O. board member American Osteopathic Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology