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…with many expected and unexpected events and circumstances along the way. There are crossroads, back roads, mountains to climb, or valleys of despair. We have ups, downs, detours, and dead ends. Sometimes we experience surprising and pleasant change that opens a door for smooth sailing.

Our faith and trust in Him is tested when new circumstances present themselves as a result of change. The gift of free will grants us choices for how we think, feel, and behave.

My accident changed my life – forever. New circumstances could have left me hopeless, but it didn’t. 

Read my book, The Gift Is You, or schedule me to speak and learn how my faith in God, the gift of prayer, and the encouragement of family and friends were deciding factors that allowed me to receive His grace and hope for a meaningful future.


Dr. David L. Wolf’s passion for making a difference in people’s lives is described vibrantly in his stories. David’s heart bursts with gratitude for the gifts he has been given to share with the world, the gifts he has received from others, and the greatest gift of all – Almighty God.